New Site

9 01 2010

For all of my devoted readers out there (i.e. nobody) I’ve decided to try and do this whole “blogging” thing legitimately.

That means I now have a new site with some of my friends:



(doesn’t it look pretty without the .wordpress in it?)

So feel free to stop by, although at the moment there are still a few things still under construction. hopefully we can neglect our school work and get that stuff done.

And if by some miraculous happenstance you come across this blog and have no idea what it is and why no one has posted here in forever, feel free to come on over to our new site so we can actually make some money (by you folks clicking on some good ole fashion advertising).

thank you and goodnight


Waving goodbye to 2009

21 12 2009

Not sure if you’ve used google wave yet, but I think it’s going to be the next big thing in online messaging. Here’s a cool youtube video that sums up the year using google wave. I can’t believe it’s almost 2010.

Like I said…the definition of insanity:

21 12 2009

Falcons- 10

Jets- 7

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

I’m not going to torture myself by going over every little detail of how the Jets blew a serious chance at the playoffs because it’s just too damn frustrating. You can’t miss 3 opportunities at field goals and expect to win. You can’t commit stupid personal foul penalties and expect to win. You can’t lose the turnover battle and expect to win. You can’t leave Tony Gonzalez wide open in the endzone and expect to win.

The saddest part is…we’re still in the playoff hunt. But as that vulture in the jungle book says “Don’t start that again!” I think this time I’ll listen.

More Jets talk? Really?

19 12 2009

Listen…It’s snowing, I’m stuck in my house and my brain is extremely fried from video game overdose. When you don’t play PS3 for an entire semester and then come hone to a fat leather chair and a 50 inch plasma, you’re bound to put in some serious time.

But I just can’t help to get my hopes up for these Jets! Classic mistake, I know. Do you know what the definition of insanity is? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. So like I said, my brain is fried from Call of Duty and I’ve actually gone INSANE. I have 100% talked myself into the Jets making the playoffs. And every time I tell myself that, I die a little inside thinking about that Buffalo game. And that Miami game. And that Jacksonville game.


/runs outside and sticks face in snow.

Phew, that’s better…got a little out of control. For a team that hasn’t been able to catch a break all season [see 2 Ted Ginn kick off returns] there’s just something in the back of my mind that says they’re going to put it together. As long as that Dirty Chimichanga can keep the ball in the green team’s hands. But really, besides the Buffalo game [I hate you, Steve Weatherford, with a passion] , I’m cool with Sanchez’s interceptions. He’s young, talented and will learn from his mistakes. But enough dwelling on the past. Run the ball with Thomas Jones 40 times. Sanchez, in this weather, should not throw the ball more than 15 times. Create points on defense and most importantly DON’T TURN THE BALL OVER.

Let’s get it done boys.

The Jets Playoff Chances

17 12 2009

Sorry for the long break in between posts. Finals week had arrived and between studying and writing papers, blogging became a second class citizen [like Scott Soshnick]. But I’m back and going to try and post frequently during my break because I can only play so much Call of Duty 4.

I just wanted to talk about the Jets for a bit because, waddya know, they’ve actually been playing well and instilled hope into their fan base. This doesn’t surprise me, because it is very rare for the Jets to simply lay down and die. No, that would be too easy. They love to build everyone up so they can crap their pants and disappoint the hell out of us [or as I like to call it, “the life of a Jets fan”]

I don’t feel like addressing all of the scenarios yet, because their are three games left, and the Jets still have the Colts to play. But I did want to address the prospect of winning out. Now I don’t really know how healthy Sanchez is, but what I do know is that this defense is on a mission. This is one of the best defenses that I’ve seen in a while and certainly the best Jets’ defense that I’ve ever seen. Darrelle Revis is the best corner in the league and it is a gift from the football gods to know that every week, regardless how good the opposing team’s number one receiver is, that Revis will shut him down. David Harris has been awesome in the middle and the line has actually held up without Kris Jenkins.

Also, I think I’m finally on the Thomas Jones 30+ bandwagon. What I mean is that usually running backs start to fade after they hit the 30 year old mark. But I’ve decided that this may not be applicable to Thomas Jones for a few more years. If you’ve seen pictures of the dude with his shirt off, he’s abnormally ripped. He’s supposedly the most dedicated guy on the team when it comes to the weight room and is in peak physical shape [just like Coach Rex].

If they stay conservative, and Sanchez plays smart, this team can definitely beat the Falcons, even if Matty Ice and Burner Turner come back this week. The game is at home, the crowd will be loud and the Falcons simply haven’t been playing well. As for the Colts, I honestly think our pass D can neutralize them. I’m most worried about Dallas Clark, because good tight ends always seem to give us trouble. Lito is healthy again and has been showing why he used to be a number 1 corner. With Reggie Wayne neutralized by Revis, I’m not that worried about Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie. And I guarantee with the way our defense blitzes like crazy, Jim Caldwell [if he’s smart] will realize it’s not worth the risk of injury and will gradually bench his starters. It’s only shitty because this game is on the road [for us] and to blow the undefeated season against a rookie QB and rookie coach on your home field will not look good for the Colts and will certainly upset the fans [or at least the stupid fans who don’t realize that an undefeated season is nearly meaningless with no super bowl ring]. As for Cincinnati, assuming we win the next 2 games, this game would presumably be to make the playoffs and the last home game in The Meadowlands [fuck “Giants Stadium”]. Cincy has not been playing well and their only WR threat is Ochocinco [who once again will be blanketed by Revis, although I’m slightly worried about Laverneus actually trying to step it up because he’s a little baby and would probably be bitter in this game]. They can run all they want, but if it’s their run game and defense vs. our run game and defense, I think the scale is tipped in our favor.

My prediction:  I think we end up winning 2/3 and losing to the Colts. But if we win the next 2 and then lose our last game in this stadium to the Cincinatti Bengals I will blow my freakin brains out.

Ohhhhhhh the life of a Jets fan!

Rex Ryan vs. Santa

10 12 2009

The latest installment of KSK’s Rex Ryan hilarity. Once again, language is NSFW (not safe for work)

My Head Hurts

9 12 2009

During two internships at investment banks, feeling uncomfortable having open on my company’s computer all day, I found myself in the Bloomberg sports section quite frequently. One of the main writers in this section was Scott Soshnick. Nearly every article I read of his was filled with nonsense. Making ludicrous claims, random anecdotes and idiotic conclusions were just a few of his specialties. But with no outlet to vent I was stuck frustrated in my cubicle. Now that I have my blog I get the chance to break down his articles FJM style. His latest disaster is below in bold with my hysterical responses in between.

Dec. 8 (Bloomberg) — The voice on the other end of the telephone belonged to Wayne Chrebet, who was sharing a few memories of the now-defunct football program at Hofstra University.

Quite a shame they shut down their program. Also ole Scotty boy seems like he’s trying to get on my good side by putting a picture of a Jets’ great above his article. Your so sneaky Mr. Soshnick.

Chrebet is one of the lucky ones. He still has recall. A good number of former National Football League players don’t.

That’s because he’s 36. Give him a couple years and I’m relatively certain there won’t be any recall. Trust me, I saw him get hit in the head way too many times.

The 36-year-old Chrebet

Told ya!

sustained six documented concussions during his time in the NFL. It’s impossible to say with any degree of certainty how many undocumented concussions there were from 1995-2005, when the 5-foot-10 Chrebet was catching passes, lots of them, for the New York Jets.

Hmm…actually he caught all of his passes for the New York Jets since it’s the only NFL team he played for. As for concussions, I’m surprised they documented any of them at all. Elliot Pelman, one of the Jet doctors, was always stifling appropriate concussion research.

By his own admission Chrebet could have avoided a number of those collisions by simply stepping out of bounds. He didn’t.

Instead he ran very quickly out of bounds to avoid the large black men trying to tackle him. Nah I’m just kidding. They tackled the shit out of him.

He also could’ve ducked under tackles instead of choosing to collide with bigger men.

Like I said…tackled the shit out of him.

The laws of physics don’t change. Force equals mass times acceleration, putting Chrebet at a disadvantage almost every time.

Because his brain damage inhibits him from learning physics? I’m confused.

The biggest storyline of this NFL season isn’t the unblemished records of the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts

[It is]

The most important one, however, centers on the league’s efforts to reduce the number of concussions in a violent sport.

Yea like 10 years later than they should have. I mean who would have ever suspected that a game like football could cause serious head injuries and lasting negative effects on the brain. The NFL should look into putting a psychic on the payroll to prevent against these impossible to predict problems.

There has been a lot of finger-pointing with regard to concussions, football and, ultimately, dementia in former players. NFL Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith in October told Congress that the league ignored a decade of research showing a connection between on-field injury and post-career mental illness.

Sounds about right.

The NFL downplayed the studies, Smith said. Suppressed findings, he alleged. “The days of denigrating and ignoring the medical findings must come to an end,” he said.

Smith is right. And wrong.

Or…he’s just right. But let’s see where you’re going with this.

The biggest impediment to meaningful change regarding player safety isn’t the league. Nor is it the owners, general managers or coaches.

It’s the helmets! They’re on too tight!

It’s the players, too many of whom are stuck on the idea that playing hurt is a job requirement and that sitting out is tantamount to teammate treason.

/buzzer deeming incorrect answer sounds

Playing hurt is 100% a job requirement in the NFL. THEIR CONTRACTS AREN’T GUARANTEED. So many guys who aren’t making the big bucks that are struggling to make teams cannot afford to get hurt or it will cost them a contract. The only reason the NFL is recognizing the concussion issue is because big name players have been getting hurt this year. But lesser known NFL players have been getting concussed ever since the game was invented. How you can mention the playing hurt mentality without mentioning the nonguaranteed contracts is absolute lunacy.

Nowhere is that attitude more evident than in Pittsburgh, where prior to the Steelers Nov. 29th game against Baltimore wide receiver Hines Ward publicly questioned why starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, a two-time Super Bowl champion, wasn’t going to play. Ward had said the locker room was split over whether Roethlisberger, 27, should’ve played a week after sustaining his fourth concussion since 2006.

Paging Dr. Ward, please come to the ICU. I love how this was big news when it was reported. Who cares what the players think, they have absolutely no idea how Big Ben feels or what the doctors are saying. This is just Ward’s comment being taken out of context to fill the headlines on an otherwise slow news day.

It’s a popular refrain around NFL locker rooms that there’s a difference between playing with pain and playing hurt. The problem with concussions is that there are no visible scars, no X-rays of busted bones to hang inside the locker.

How do you prove a headache or blurred vision?

Maybe they could put that machine from Ah! Real Monsters on their heads and project their thoughts onto a screen? [Gotta love old school Nickelodeon]

I’m afraid that won’t happen on a large scale until players stop second-guessing their teammates for wanting to remember their careers.

Or until the league stops playing dumb and realizes that head injuries are extremely serious. But Hines Ward making a general comment about his quarterback is probably why there’s widespread neglect in the NFL. Yea, let’s go with that.