The Sports Gal

10 11 2009

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As Leitch noted earlier, the fascination with the Sports Fella extends, a little creepily, to his wife. And now look: She’s the No. 11 Google hot trend, two notches below “sammy sosa bleached” and 19 sports ahead of “bruno kirby.”

An hour ago, in fact, “bill simmons wife picture” was the No. 4 hot trend:

Huh. So people are more interested in a woman they know only through her occasional cameos in her husband’s popular Internet sports column than they are in a mousy character actor. Go figure.


I’m a little embarassed, but I’ve actually searched that exact same thing before. I wouldn’t exactly call it weird…I was just curious about putting a name to a face [I mean, she’s written for him before]



Mayne Street…where’d ya go? [UPDATE]

28 10 2009

UPDATE: Dash at Deadspin kindly pointed me in the right direction. Not sure why I was having so much trouble finding the link. I don’t think it was only me though, because my wordpress dashboard was showing a lot of searches inquiring about it missing. Poor organization on ESPN’s part though, this video should be on the front page. Feel free to still read my [now irrelevant] rant after the jump. Wouldn’t it have been cooler if there had been a controversy? Oh well…here’s the link! I’m not even going to try to embed the video, I’ve been having way too many problems.

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Mayne Street w/ Bill Simmons [UPDATE]

27 10 2009

Mayne Street is back with the first episode since July!

The Sports Guy makes his first appearance in the show and I’ve gotta say, it is hilarious. When tWWL makes fun of themselves [and even more so when Bill Simmons is doing so], it always seems to come out great.

UPDATE: Well, I’m not exactly sure what the deal is, but the video was taken off and I can’t find it anymore. Also the link the Bill Simmons had on his twitter doesn’t work either. My only suggestion if you want to watch it is to subscribe to the Mayne Street Podcast. It’s free, and probably worth it, because most of the videos are funny.