The Sports Gal

10 11 2009

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As Leitch noted earlier, the fascination with the Sports Fella extends, a little creepily, to his wife. And now look: She’s the No. 11 Google hot trend, two notches below “sammy sosa bleached” and 19 sports ahead of “bruno kirby.”

An hour ago, in fact, “bill simmons wife picture” was the No. 4 hot trend:

Huh. So people are more interested in a woman they know only through her occasional cameos in her husband’s popular Internet sports column than they are in a mousy character actor. Go figure.


I’m a little embarassed, but I’ve actually searched that exact same thing before. I wouldn’t exactly call it weird…I was just curious about putting a name to a face [I mean, she’s written for him before]




28 10 2009

File this under useless maintenance changes.

I’ve added a bunch of websites to the blogroll. One of my friends is keeping a photo blog for a class and it’s pretty sweet [Darren’s Daybook]. Also I added a classmate’s blog [From the Inside]…he’s a wrestler on the U of M team and the blog has a cool insider feel to it. Last but not least I added The Sports Section which is a New York Magazine blog run by Will Leitch [former editor of Deadspin] and a bunch of other guys. If you like NY sports this is a must read.


Also, on a different note, I’m planning on doing a running diary of game 1 of the World Series tonight… I imagine that Joe Buck and Tim McCarver are doing the game, so get ready for some fun [and by fun I mean 4 hours of utter frustration that these two men actually get paid money to express their idiocy to a national audience].