28 10 2009

File this under useless maintenance changes.

I’ve added a bunch of websites to the blogroll. One of my friends is keeping a photo blog for a class and it’s pretty sweet [Darren’s Daybook]. Also I added a classmate’s blog [From the Inside]…he’s a wrestler on the U of M team and the blog has a cool insider feel to it. Last but not least I added The Sports Section which is a New York Magazine blog run by Will Leitch [former editor of Deadspin] and a bunch of other guys. If you like NY sports this is a must read.


Also, on a different note, I’m planning on doing a running diary of game 1 of the World Series tonight… I imagine that Joe Buck and Tim McCarver are doing the game, so get ready for some fun [and by fun I mean 4 hours of utter frustration that these two men actually get paid money to express their idiocy to a national audience].