Lets Go Yanks!

4 11 2009

Take it home boys…


Yankees Recap [not a running diary]

29 10 2009

So I was planning on doing a running diary of the game, but unfortunately those plans fell through. I was watching the game in a loud room with a bunch of friends so it was hard to maintain concentration [don’t worry, no alcohol was involved]. Also when you can’t hear everything Tim McCarver is saying you’re clearly missing out  on some solid material. Although I will admit, he must have eaten his wheaties before the game because he wasn’t that idiotic tonight [I’d say on a scale of 1 to Joe Morgan, he was a little below a Chip Caray].

With that said, it’s pretty pathetic that I’m basically complimenting one of the most well known national announcing teams by saying they weren’t “that idiotic.” On second thought Joe Buck did refer to a Jimmy Rollins infield single as a “squirt” down the third base line. Oh and in reference to Chase Utley Tim McCarver said, “There’s no greater compliment you can give a player than to call him a gamer” [Oh Tim, why do you say things just for the sake of saying things].

I’ve read a bunch of pieces recapping the game and they all say the same things, so I’m not going to go into a detailed analysis. Cliff Lee was unhittable and it’s as simple as that. The Yanks need a good outing from Burnett tonight and hopefully they can get to Mariano with a lead.

Somethings that I took from the game that weren’t covered in the generic recaps:

1. [The umps] Yes…we know they’ve been terrible and yes, congratulations on making the correct call on what really wasn’t that difficult of a call [I mean, he caught the ball and threw it to first…JUST PAY ATTENTION]. But I can’t believe the league is standing by their reasoning for no instant replay that it will upset the pace of baseball. THERE IS NO PACE OF BASEBALL. There were 5 die hard yankee fans in the room I was watching in and we were still flipping between the game and NBA season openers [!!]. For as long as the umps took conversing with each other [in which 1 1/2 of them probably saw the play in full] repay would have taken a quarter of the time.

2. [Swisher] Ughhh. Nick, you’re killing me. No one was hitting Cliff Lee, but you just looked confused out there. You’re very close to getting benched for Brett Gardner [god, that is so pathetic]. Get on base and hit a home run for god sake.

3. [Brian Bruney] You Suck

4. [CC Sabathia]  Keep up the good work chubster. You could tell he was a little off last night as he was missing his spots pretty frequently. Both pitches that Utley hit out were supposed to be outside and he left them over the plate. But it’s encouraging to see that he can still pitch well even though he was struggling to hit his spots. Burnett on the other hand NEEDS to throw strikes tonight if the Yankees want to avoid getting into the 0-2 hole.

5. [Chase Utley] I had no problem with Chase Utley before this game. Although I’m not as infatuated with the man as Mac from Always Sunny is, I still respect him as probably the best second baseman in the game.

But dude, WTF was with your hair!? Use enough gel? Come on yanks, you’re gonna lose to this guy? Take game two and go into Philly with the split.

Swish Nasty

26 10 2009

I don’t particularly like Rick Reilly’s new stuff. He pretends not to be a blogger but all of his posts are 800 words and he posts once a week. Hence, he’s a blogger. Oh and he’s not funny anymore.

But… He like’s Nick Swisher!

Disclaimer: Nick Swisher is my favorite baseball player.

So enjoy the article and the awesome picture of my boy Swish rockin the mohawk. It’s inspiring enough that I think I’m going to be Nick Swisher for Halloween and rock a mohawk myself. If only my hair was a little longer…



25 10 2009

Stuff like this seems to happen way more often than it should [never]. Listen people, the internet works almost instantly. You’re more than welcome, mlb.com, to have a site ready for the Yankees World Series appearance [fingers crossed]. But don’t post it! If the yankees lose this series I’m blaming it all on you anonymous IT guy.

Throw the spitter Mo! [UPDATE]

20 10 2009

Just read an interesting post on Deadspin that is going to get way to much media coverage today. Here’s the link.

I mean, it’s obviously too hard to tell what Mo was doing. Seems pretty ludicrous to me that he would cheat that way. I mean, we’re talking about a guy who’s been in the league nearly 20 years and is probably the best closer ever. With the amount of cameras he knows will be on him at any given moment, I doubt Mariano would ever dare do this. To risk tarnishing his entire reputation for one inning of playoff baseball? If I had to bet [don’t put too much weight on this, because I’m a terrible gambler] but I would think that it was just the luck of the camera angle. He was probably spitting past the ball, but in that split second it looks like it’s going on the ball.

Oh well, get ready for a lot of useless, annoying speculation. But hey! More content to help me procrastinate from midterms.

Update: Another Deadspin post. I knew he was just spitting past his hand.

Story Time

15 10 2009

Since there’s a break between football and the baseball playoffs and I’m too upset about the Jets loss to watch any SportsCenter I figured I’d reminisce with a little story…

So this summer, on August 9th I was lucky enough to get tickets to the Yankees-Red Sox game. It was my first opportunity to go to the new stadium and the game was fantastic. But it was the story leading up to the game and something that happened in the 9th inning that led me to retell it.

The story starts with my dad telling my brother and I sometime in July that we have tickets to the Sunday night Yankees-Red Sox game in August. As it got closer to that night, my brother decided to stay an additional week at camp leaving us with an extra ticket. So of course I was thinking, which one of my friends should I invite? [I mean, this was a big game, I wanted to watch it with a true Yankee fan.] My dad, on the other hand, decided that it would be a good idea to invite my mom. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my mother very dearly, but she is by no means a sports fan, let alone a Yankee fan.

Well, I was having none of this. My mom would not appreciate one of the most important games of the regular season vs. our most hated rival. So…I staged a boycott. I know, pretty fucking stupid. All I can say is that I somehow convinced myself that I’d watch the game on a big screen with my friends and enjoy it just as much. [Well not just as much, but that’s what beer is for.] Yes I’m obviously an idiot but I was sticking to my idiotic principles. Call me spoiled, call me a brat, whatever, it made no sense in my mind for my mom to go to a game she wouldn’t appreciate over a real baseball fan. I’m also not gonna lie…I know my mom pretty well and there was definitely a thought in the back of my mind that she would bail last minute. I mean, it was a Sunday night, she had things to do the next morning, and it’s quite a schlep all the way to the Bronx [haha…“schlep”, I would only use that when describing my mom].

Sooooooooooo. Waddya know, my mom bailed at the last minute. Pretty much like 15 minutes before they were planning on leaving. I mean you could basically hear her saying to my dad in the other room: “Bro, I’m sure I want to go to this dumb baseball game and get home at 1am. Just let our fat, loser of a son go.” [It was slightly muffled while I was listening, so I’m sort of guessing that’s what she said.]

Alas, I went to the game with my dad and my cousin. The game was awesome. Here’s an excerpt from mlb.com to refresh your memory of what happened that night.

The late rally came after Victor Martinez had snapped a 31-inning scoreless streak with a two-run homer off Phil Coke in the eighth. Damon crushed a fastball for his 21st homer before Teixeira put the Bombers ahead, teeing off on a Bard curveball for his American League-leading 29th round-tripper. Nick Swisher provided cushion with a two-run single off Hideki Okajima, and Mariano Rivera locked down the ninth inning for his American League-leading 32nd save. The heroics created a thumping Stadium atmosphere that the Yankees, now a season-best 27 games over .500, could relish.

In the 9th inning, after my boy swish nasty basically clinched it, we decided to leave our seats and go to the standing area behind us so we could make a quick exit when the game ended. I was standing, half-watching the last inning, texting some people at the same time. That was when the steroid king himself, David Ortiz, stepped to the plate. All of a sudden I heard the crack of the bat, looked up and a ball was flying towards us. Naturally, if I wasn’t fumbling to put my prized iPhone back into my pocket I would have back flipped off a table and barehanded that sucker. But luckily my cousin and this other random fan jumped and tipped the ball behind me. It bounced off a chair and hopped onto the ground. I was wearing cargo shorts and since the ball was on the ground I reacted without thinking, falling to my knees to cover up the ball. I bobbled it a bit, but finally brought in into my chest and held it up in triumph. Bleeding knees and all I arose to my feet to watch Mariano Rivera finish the sweep.

So there it is, the opposite of karma at it’s best. If you have the opportunity to attend a huge baseball game at a new stadium that you’ve never been to, tell the person who invited you to go screw themselves if they think they’re going to invite some dumb girl [not you mom] instead of someone who actually cares. Because if you do, you’ll end up going to the game, watching a thrilling come from behind win and grabbing a foul ball in the stands.


Thanks for not complaining…about a perfect situation?

13 10 2009

Scott Soshnick is probably a perfectly nice guy. But during two internships with investment banks and feeling uncomfortable having ESPN.com open on my company’s computer all day, I found myself in the Bloomberg sports section. Hopefully my interpretation of his dribble will make the articles’ far more readable. Either that or I’m sure you’ll find yourself some sound financial advice somewhere else on the website. The text in bold is from his article while the non-bold text is my response.

Oct. 7 (Bloomberg) —Let’s hear it for the Steinbrenner boys for not having heard from the Steinbrenner boys.

[Let’s hear it for Scott Soshnick for breaking his record of how long it takes to get through his article before he confuses me. 1 line!]

Not a peep. Not about on-field matters, anyway. Overpriced tickets, yes. Underperforming players, no.
[Ok, well that’s your whole article right there. Obviously the Steinbrenners aren’t going to be complaining because their team isn’t underperforming! They won 103 games in the regular season, were the overwhelming best team in the majors and just swept the twins in the ALDS.]

It’s hard to recall the last time the New York Yankees completed a season without an eruption from the owner’s suite.
[Good thing we have 5 billion different media organizations that are more than willing to remind us. Oh and there’s also that thing called the internet.]

Or, at the very least, a let’s-get-going missive issued through Howard Rubenstein, George Steinbrenner’s conduit to the clubhouse.
[Aka, his bedside nurse. I refuse to make an Alzheimer’s joke, but conduit to the clubhouse really just means personal statement maker.]

Rubenstein declined to comment on not having to comment.
[Again with these ridiculous paradoxical sentences.]

You can make a decent argument for any number of team Most Valuable Players this season for the Yankees, who open the postseason tonight at home.
[They swept. And waddya know…no complaints from Hank or Hal! Let’s hear it from the Steinbrenner boys for not hearing from the Steinbrenner boys!]