The life of a Jets fan

19 10 2009

Bills- 16
Jets- 13

/sad face

Well, I guess I can look on the bright side and say that I’m happy I didn’t watch the game [and that I was getting sufficiently drunk at my brother’s bar mitzvah]. It’s pretty sad that I my only glimmer of satisfaction is in the fact that I was only miserable when I knew we lost rather than the 3 hours of frustration I would have endured watching Mr. Poise throw 5 interceptions. Kris Jenkins could be out for the season, our coaching staff looks overmatched and we could go into Oakland next week and lose. But at least I’m back to my natural position as a Jet fan, expecting the worst [and receiving the worst]. Oh well, here comes another week of avoiding sportscenter. Come on Yanks, please give me something to smile about.