The Jets Playoff Chances

17 12 2009

Sorry for the long break in between posts. Finals week had arrived and between studying and writing papers, blogging became a second class citizen [like Scott Soshnick]. But I’m back and going to try and post frequently during my break because I can only play so much Call of Duty 4.

I just wanted to talk about the Jets for a bit because, waddya know, they’ve actually been playing well and instilled hope into their fan base. This doesn’t surprise me, because it is very rare for the Jets to simply lay down and die. No, that would be too easy. They love to build everyone up so they can crap their pants and disappoint the hell out of us [or as I like to call it, “the life of a Jets fan”]

I don’t feel like addressing all of the scenarios yet, because their are three games left, and the Jets still have the Colts to play. But I did want to address the prospect of winning out. Now I don’t really know how healthy Sanchez is, but what I do know is that this defense is on a mission. This is one of the best defenses that I’ve seen in a while and certainly the best Jets’ defense that I’ve ever seen. Darrelle Revis is the best corner in the league and it is a gift from the football gods to know that every week, regardless how good the opposing team’s number one receiver is, that Revis will shut him down. David Harris has been awesome in the middle and the line has actually held up without Kris Jenkins.

Also, I think I’m finally on the Thomas Jones 30+ bandwagon. What I mean is that usually running backs start to fade after they hit the 30 year old mark. But I’ve decided that this may not be applicable to Thomas Jones for a few more years. If you’ve seen pictures of the dude with his shirt off, he’s abnormally ripped. He’s supposedly the most dedicated guy on the team when it comes to the weight room and is in peak physical shape [just like Coach Rex].

If they stay conservative, and Sanchez plays smart, this team can definitely beat the Falcons, even if Matty Ice and Burner Turner come back this week. The game is at home, the crowd will be loud and the Falcons simply haven’t been playing well. As for the Colts, I honestly think our pass D can neutralize them. I’m most worried about Dallas Clark, because good tight ends always seem to give us trouble. Lito is healthy again and has been showing why he used to be a number 1 corner. With Reggie Wayne neutralized by Revis, I’m not that worried about Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie. And I guarantee with the way our defense blitzes like crazy, Jim Caldwell [if he’s smart] will realize it’s not worth the risk of injury and will gradually bench his starters. It’s only shitty because this game is on the road [for us] and to blow the undefeated season against a rookie QB and rookie coach on your home field will not look good for the Colts and will certainly upset the fans [or at least the stupid fans who don’t realize that an undefeated season is nearly meaningless with no super bowl ring]. As for Cincinnati, assuming we win the next 2 games, this game would presumably be to make the playoffs and the last home game in The Meadowlands [fuck “Giants Stadium”]. Cincy has not been playing well and their only WR threat is Ochocinco [who once again will be blanketed by Revis, although I’m slightly worried about Laverneus actually trying to step it up because he’s a little baby and would probably be bitter in this game]. They can run all they want, but if it’s their run game and defense vs. our run game and defense, I think the scale is tipped in our favor.

My prediction:  I think we end up winning 2/3 and losing to the Colts. But if we win the next 2 and then lose our last game in this stadium to the Cincinatti Bengals I will blow my freakin brains out.

Ohhhhhhh the life of a Jets fan!




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