28 10 2009

File this under useless maintenance changes.

I’ve added a bunch of websites to the blogroll. One of my friends is keeping a photo blog for a class and it’s pretty sweet [Darren’s Daybook]. Also I added a classmate’s blog [From the Inside]…he’s a wrestler on the U of M team and the blog has a cool insider feel to it. Last but not least I added The Sports Section which is a New York Magazine blog run by Will Leitch [former editor of Deadspin] and a bunch of other guys. If you like NY sports this is a must read.


Also, on a different note, I’m planning on doing a running diary of game 1 of the World Series tonight… I imagine that Joe Buck and Tim McCarver are doing the game, so get ready for some fun [and by fun I mean 4 hours of utter frustration that these two men actually get paid money to express their idiocy to a national audience].


Dirty Chimichanga…continued

8 10 2009

I loved KSK’s first two installments [enough to even try out the picture dialogue myself]. Here’s the third installment. I think it’s hilarious regardless of whether you’re a Jet fan or not. Why? Because Rex Ryan is the man [loudness + fatness = awesomness].

I’m going to keep posting these until they stop getting funny [aka never]. Just as a heads up, it’s loaded with NSFW language…Enjoy.

First Post

22 09 2009
Don’t read too much into the name of my blog. My informal writing tends to have a lot of parenthetical comments containing either a joke or a random sarcastic remark. But parentheses are lame. Clearly whoever invented the keyboard intended us to use brackets–> [ ]… Why? Because you don’t have to press the shift key anytime you want to infer a witty remark [insert witty remark here]. Oh and it’s the only idea I could think of that differentiates my style of writing [so live with it]. Hopefully with all my time saved by not pressing the shift key I’ll be able to dedicate time spent on winning a Pulitzer Prize. Or…I’ll probably just go watch some football or something.

Welcome to the first of many pieces of evidence portraying my lack of originality. My goal for this blog is to keep it pretty simple. I’m going to adopt a bunch of tactics that I’ve recognized to be successful in the sports blogs that I read on a daily basis [Deadspin, The Big Lead, Kissing Suzy Kolber, Awful Announcing, etc]. Expect some commentary on the current events taking place in the sporting world, some criticism of crummy journalistic pieces that I come across on the web [a weekly feature mocking a “should be unemployed” Bloomberg writer], some live blogs, and a whole bunch of links [because I know what you should be reading better than you do].

On that note, I’ll leave you with my first must read suggestion. It’s riddled with bad language, so if that kind of thing offends you…well, grow [the fuck] up.