Throw the spitter Mo! [UPDATE]

20 10 2009

Just read an interesting post on Deadspin that is going to get way to much media coverage today. Here’s the link.

I mean, it’s obviously too hard to tell what Mo was doing. Seems pretty ludicrous to me that he would cheat that way. I mean, we’re talking about a guy who’s been in the league nearly 20 years and is probably the best closer ever. With the amount of cameras he knows will be on him at any given moment, I doubt Mariano would ever dare do this. To risk tarnishing his entire reputation for one inning of playoff baseball? If I had to bet [don’t put too much weight on this, because I’m a terrible gambler] but I would think that it was just the luck of the camera angle. He was probably spitting past the ball, but in that split second it looks like it’s going on the ball.

Oh well, get ready for a lot of useless, annoying speculation. But hey! More content to help me procrastinate from midterms.

Update: Another Deadspin post. I knew he was just spitting past his hand.