A Monday night party…ruined

29 09 2009

One of the reasons I currently hate fantasy football [forgetting the fact that my teams suck] is that it made me watch the Monday Night Football game last night between the Carolina Panthers and the Dallas Cowboys. But what’s wrong with watching Monday night football? Seriously, it’s a Monday night partayyyyyyyy!!!! Actually country singer, who’s name I don’t know, if I were having a Monday night party I would not be sitting on my couch with 6 other dudes completely sober [but I digress].

As an avid Jets fan, this game between two teams in the NFC meant very little [if anything at all]. I don’t care for the Cowboys and their extremely overhyped stadium [that I was forced to hear about every 14 seconds for a second week in a row] and could do without ever having to watch Jake Delhomme throw a football. But back to fantasy…

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