Bill Simmons, Establishment

10 11 2009

As if you didn’t hear enough about Will Leitch on this blog, he just wrote another outstanding article on Deadspin about Bill Simmons [aka the Sports Guy]. Both of these men have been mentioned countless numbers of times on SwB [the abbreviation of this blog, pretty clever eh?]. Simmons just put out a new book that is about 40,000 pages long called The Book of Basketball. I just started reading it [as if you cared] and it’s vintage Simmons. Below is a snippet from Leitch’s article about how Simmons has evolved into the icon he is today. It’s a must read.

Now there he is, atop the New York Times Bestseller list, as establishment a pedestal as one can imagine. Simmons did something incredibly rare, particularly in our fractured, niche media world: He made the culture come to him. His triumph is his own, but, in a strange way, it feels like a victory for all of us. The sports culture needed changing, and Simmons is walking evidence that it can, and did. Somewhere out there, there’s a college student with a viewpoint different than everyone else, and he/she will show up and change everything too, exposing Simmons (and the rest of us) the way he did to Reilly. That’ll happen again. Thank heavens. Good ideas win out. Perseverance and new perspectives break through. The old rots and washes away. Sometimes the good guys win.


Emphasis mine [hey, maybe he’s talking about me…]





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