Yankees Recap [not a running diary]

29 10 2009

So I was planning on doing a running diary of the game, but unfortunately those plans fell through. I was watching the game in a loud room with a bunch of friends so it was hard to maintain concentration [don’t worry, no alcohol was involved]. Also when you can’t hear everything Tim McCarver is saying you’re clearly missing out  on some solid material. Although I will admit, he must have eaten his wheaties before the game because he wasn’t that idiotic tonight [I’d say on a scale of 1 to Joe Morgan, he was a little below a Chip Caray].

With that said, it’s pretty pathetic that I’m basically complimenting one of the most well known national announcing teams by saying they weren’t “that idiotic.” On second thought Joe Buck did refer to a Jimmy Rollins infield single as a “squirt” down the third base line. Oh and in reference to Chase Utley Tim McCarver said, “There’s no greater compliment you can give a player than to call him a gamer” [Oh Tim, why do you say things just for the sake of saying things].

I’ve read a bunch of pieces recapping the game and they all say the same things, so I’m not going to go into a detailed analysis. Cliff Lee was unhittable and it’s as simple as that. The Yanks need a good outing from Burnett tonight and hopefully they can get to Mariano with a lead.

Somethings that I took from the game that weren’t covered in the generic recaps:

1. [The umps] Yes…we know they’ve been terrible and yes, congratulations on making the correct call on what really wasn’t that difficult of a call [I mean, he caught the ball and threw it to first…JUST PAY ATTENTION]. But I can’t believe the league is standing by their reasoning for no instant replay that it will upset the pace of baseball. THERE IS NO PACE OF BASEBALL. There were 5 die hard yankee fans in the room I was watching in and we were still flipping between the game and NBA season openers [!!]. For as long as the umps took conversing with each other [in which 1 1/2 of them probably saw the play in full] repay would have taken a quarter of the time.

2. [Swisher] Ughhh. Nick, you’re killing me. No one was hitting Cliff Lee, but you just looked confused out there. You’re very close to getting benched for Brett Gardner [god, that is so pathetic]. Get on base and hit a home run for god sake.

3. [Brian Bruney] You Suck

4. [CC Sabathia]  Keep up the good work chubster. You could tell he was a little off last night as he was missing his spots pretty frequently. Both pitches that Utley hit out were supposed to be outside and he left them over the plate. But it’s encouraging to see that he can still pitch well even though he was struggling to hit his spots. Burnett on the other hand NEEDS to throw strikes tonight if the Yankees want to avoid getting into the 0-2 hole.

5. [Chase Utley] I had no problem with Chase Utley before this game. Although I’m not as infatuated with the man as Mac from Always Sunny is, I still respect him as probably the best second baseman in the game.

But dude, WTF was with your hair!? Use enough gel? Come on yanks, you’re gonna lose to this guy? Take game two and go into Philly with the split.



One response

3 11 2009

How can you hate Chase Utley?! He’s an awesome player and super nice! And he played great on Monday 🙂

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