Mayne Street…where’d ya go? [UPDATE]

28 10 2009

UPDATE: Dash at Deadspin kindly pointed me in the right direction. Not sure why I was having so much trouble finding the link. I don’t think it was only me though, because my wordpress dashboard was showing a lot of searches inquiring about it missing. Poor organization on ESPN’s part though, this video should be on the front page. Feel free to still read my [now irrelevant] rant after the jump. Wouldn’t it have been cooler if there had been a controversy? Oh well…here’s the link! I’m not even going to try to embed the video, I’ve been having way too many problems.



I’m going to give the execs at tWWL [ESPN] the benefit of the doubt and not jump to immediate conclusions about the dissapearance of the Mayne Street episode- The Mansion.

/allows 15 seconds to pass

Okay, now I’m going to jump to conclusion because there are just too many factors pointing in the supposed direction. The episode is nowhere to be found. The video was removed from the web and you can’t get it on iTunes anymore. I’ve just gotta assume that the execs caught wind of what I assume they would refer to as “inappropriate behavior” seen in the video. Bill Simmons drops an F-Bomb [bleeped of course, but nonetheless still an F-bomb] there are scandalous girls and a whole lot of ESPN self deprecation.

There was also a little twitter spat [can two tweets be considered a spat] between Bill Simmons and Mike Francesa [who criticized the webisode because he’s clearly too old, bitter, and confused about the internet]. The video was hilarious and by far the best episode of Mayne Street that I had ever seen. It needs to go back up. I’ll keep updating the post if I hear anything more. Heck…maybe it’s just some technical difficulties [yea right].



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